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Dirty Dozen Bundle

Dirty Dozen Bundle

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Get one bar of each of our 10 cold processed soaps, plus 1 each of our loofah soaps for one low price.

Soaps Included:

Fudge Blast

Nutty Palm

Blumpkin Spice

Silent Jack

Bush Whacker

Chilly Willy

Cherry Smash

Morning Wood

Slammin' Cider

Smooth Seaward 

Dingleberry Scrub Loofah Soap

Tropical Twist Loofah Soap

Please Note:  In cases where Dingleberry Scrub and/or Tropical Twist soaps were created and cured on humid days, there my be some "sweating" as the moisture in the products evaporates more slowly.  This will not affect the performance of the products in any way.


Makes a great gift!

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