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Naturally Good

Big Willy Soaps address the often-overlooked needs of Canadian skin.

Exposure to detergent-based mass-produced soaps, body wash and shampoos can lead to a buildup of soils, which can accumulate in pores and lead to dry, flaky skin, redness or even blemishes.  Rehydration and exfoliation are often overlooked or forgotten.

This makes your skin unhappy.

Even some other so-called "natural soaps" on the market that feature strong perfumy scents that linger on the skin (long after they should be washed off with the suds) can cause issues.  These are essentially body spray in bar form.

Big Willy products contain no harsh chemicals, preservatives, sulfates, detergents or aluminum.  Only natural products with discreet scents.  We prefer quality natural ingredients over perfumes.

We use only ingredients found in nature to properly clean, sooth and moisturize your skin and pores.  Please see a complete ingredient list on every product page of this website, and on product packaging.

A note about Palm Oil

Palm oil is a natural ingredient in our soaps that is very good for the skin.  However, there has been some criticism of some of the methods used to harvest the oil from the earth, which can lead to deforestation and the destruction of animal habitats.  Big Willy Soap strongly denounces these harmful methods of harvesting, and refuses to deal with suppliers who are reckless and thoughtless of our environment.  We only purchase ingredients from suppliers that are part of RSPO, a sustainable group that works to ethically produce and supply palm oil for food and cosmetic use without harming the environment.

Please Note:  Although our ingredients are natural, everyone's skin is different, and may react in different ways.  If you develop any skin irritation with any of our products please stop using the product immediately.

Keep your hammer happy.